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Asian Pears are great for teething babies. They're sweet and nutritious and babies love em.

 Asian Pears can be enjoyed at any time and they make a healthy breakfast too.

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This incomparable pear's real name is Nijisseiki and was developed in Japan in 1898. It has become prized the world over for its delicious flavor, crisp texture, juicy pulp and tender, yellow skin. It stores well too!

The 20th Century ripens here in Oregon in mid to late September.

We call it by its original name, but in English it means New Century. Whatever name you choose to call it, this popular cross between the 20th Century and Chojuro Asian Pears has a great winning combination of crisp texture, tender yellow skin and a light, easy-going sweetness.

It's great alone or in salads!

This dark golden skinned pear's flavor is distinctively wine-like. The flesh is crisp, juicy and sweet. Like its oriental cousins, the Shinko has a wonderful texture that we've come to enjoy and expect. But it doesn't stop there. It is protected by a slightly firmer skin and maintains its texture and unique flavor even through baking.

Try it in your favorite apple pie recipe!

In the Orient, large Asian Pears are cut in slices and shared at mealtimes. Few varieties lend themselves to such a tradition as this one. As the name suggests, these crisp, brown skinned, late-season pears often grow to a hefty 2 lbs. And, though the fruit is massive, it is filled with juice and has a remarkably sweet and delicious flavor.

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