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I've just got to tell you about those divine Asian pears from Umpqua Organic Farm!



"Absolutely superb. Best quality - best fruit I've ever had - bar none."                           B. Weaks, Dayton, Ohio

"The asian pears we received are the prettiest I have ever seen...the biggest too. We have used them so far to eat alone and in a fruit shake. Delicious! Juicy!"  F. Everton, Columbia, NC

"The pears were honestly all you have said about them and more. We have never tasted better pears. We like especially the crisp texture, let alone the flavor. A True Winner!" 
   L. Johnson, West End, NC

"Thanks again for one of the best deserts we ever had, and may the angels who watch over organic farmers do a continuing outstanding job for you. With our very best wishes, Scrumptiously yours." 
                                      G&D Fathman, Yarnell, AZ

"The pears were packed as if they were the most precious china, and I can readily see why! What a beautiful pack. I have eaten half of a pear, I'm not sure which variety but it is elegant in flavor and in looks."   
V. Wachlun, Santa Cruz, CA


"You get  an A+ on every question asked in second paragraph...The work and care you put into your product is evident, and this is only the beginning box for us..."
F.M. Bareth, Chatham, N.Y.

"The pears were sent to me by a very sweet friend. They are very, very good. When I received them they were in great condition. Thank you very much. I wish I could get some every week. (smile)" 
                                                    L. Green, Hogansville, GA

"The Asian Pears were fantastic! ...they came just in time and my dad thought they were great. They were sweeter and fresher than I could've hoped."         J. Parks, San Francisco, CA

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