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"The juicy fruit with its unique taste is a joy to the palate. The fact that they are organic is a plus... On the East Coast Asian pears sell for $2.98 each; not as large or as juicy as yours. Keep up the good work!"      
                                     E. Bandecchi, Southington, CT.

"When our last order of your great pears arrived at our home it was greeted with joy by the entire family. My neighbor asked if this product was grown in paradise because those pears taste so great. Please continue to grow this outstanding fruit and I hope more and more people find out about it and become fans like my family."  
W. Hetzler, Atlantic Beach Estates, NY

"The Shinseiki or New Generation, these are the best pears we've ever tasted! There was a problem with the first box being damaged in shipping so that it never arrived. But the replacement was handled smoothly (with even a personal phone call of apology) so we were surely satisfied customers! Our usual Christmas gift has been fruit cake - but we may very well send Asian pears next year!"   Ed Waltenspiel, Moraga, CA.

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